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Vanilla In Products


Vanilla. How we love thee. How beautiful of a plant you are and truly rare indeed. Those of you whom are not artisans of bath and body products may not know the following:

Vanilla [which is in so many fragrances-even ones you wouldn't think it would be in to round it out] tends to discolor bath products to a brown. Now, this can happen almost immediately, hours or even weeks later. Some companies like to use vanilla stabilizer to try and counteract the inevitable: discoloration. Here at C'est Beau we do not. We don't add any chemical stabilizers to try and overrule chemistry. If there is vanilla in our product we will mention it in our product listing. Along with a tiny disclaimer about discoloration since we wager not everyone will read this. It does not affect efficacy of our products just mainly a purely aesthetic anomaly. 

Vanilla is scrumptious. It is warm and luxurious. If you see brown spots or a brown bar of soap...bet your buns it has vanilla in it. Knowledge is power. We hope that this insight has helped you learn something new. Please never hesitate to contact us with any inquiries!

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Full Disclosure Of Our Products

We know that you rely on our feedback and details to make the best informed purchase you can via the internet. Until Smell-O-Computers are a reality [please be a thing one day!] we will give you any and all details we can about our items. What that means is we will tell you the best [...]

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Jellified Soap

We are thrilled to announce that we have perfected a jelly soap we call "Jellified Soap". It is vegan unless you get our local raw honey version. Which coincidentally does not leave you sticky sweet. It leaves your skin smooth and soft actually. We use organic, homegrown at C'est Beau, grapefruits in our jelly [...]

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The Great Flood of 2016

Hello, there! Thank you for stopping by our online store and carousing around for a bit. Let us tell you a little story about a very recent event from which we, along with our whole parish, is still recovering from.On August 13, 2016 Louisiana [Livingston Parish is where we are located] was hit with a [...]

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Why you SHOULDN'T use Laundry bars on your beauty tools

We know you have probably heard of using a bright pink [or sometimes even white] bar of "soap", found on the laundry cleaning aisle at your store, to use on your precious makeup tools! We are going to give you a little information and you can make your own mind up as to if you [...]

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NEW Products

Hey there! Elizabeth here at C'est Beau. I am here to update you on our newest product! We launched our larger, longer lasting solid brush cleaner today to start the new year off clean! These new cleaners are very effective and you need only a dab of the brush to clean it beautifully! You use [...]

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A little story!

Welcome to the online storefront of C'est Beau Creations, LLC! We offer many Artisanal bath and body luxuries all handcrafted in small batches with ethically sourced ingredients! Many of our products are Vegan friendly. The only animal sourced ingredients we use is locally sourced beeswax or honey. We take great pride in our works and [...]

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