Our Values

We are a family owned and operated company based out of Louisiana. We carefully handcraft each item start to finish using only sustainable, fair trade, ethically sourced ingredients. Our packaging is upcyclable or recyclable! Why is that important to us? We want to make the world a little better by being in it and caring for it. Meaning that we want our customers to feel good about their purchases knowing that we support every single person who made every single ingredient that goes into our products. People caring for people. People caring for the Planet. Rest assured, we never test on animals; we are cruelty free. All our products are made in small batches and fresh as can be. Many of our items are also vegan friendly!

Our values are simple: handcraft with premium, fair ingredients while also giving back to the world we love. We have a "CHARITY" tab where either a percentage of all sales or a percentage of particular items goes to particular foundations.  There you can see what we have donated towards and offer any foundation you wish to be our next charity to feature! We love hearing about passions and new foundations. 

Our batteries are run off of positivity & we love to spread it in any way we can! We encourage you to do the same! Find at least one good in every bad situation. Help at least one person every day, always remember you are worthy of love, prosperity, and making the world a better place.