"Louisiana Love" Handcrafted Glycerin Soap

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This handcrafted soap is very special to us at C'est Beau! A lot of love and hours went into getting this just right for you. Perfect for gifting, souvenirs and just because! Got a new college student in your life going to a Louisiana college? Everyone needs soap! 


Net Wt: 3 ounces  |  28.3 g

Scent Profile: Love spells type


Each bar is crafted to make sure you get a great Louisiana outline. Some get a better detail after the first use but they each have a piece of this lovely state inside. Wrapped, labeled as depicted.


* As with all soaps it is best to let them air dry between uses or use a vented soap dish for a longer lasting bar. Glycerin, by nature, is a humectant and can get "crystal" looking dew drops in high humidity if unwrapped and not used often. No cause for alarm. It is just chemistry in motion. The crystals will disappear after a run and rub under water. The bar may feel slightly sticky prior to use as we wrap them as soon as possible to prevent crystals. This will dissipate after the first use.