"Lost Diadem" Wax Melts

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"Lost Diadem" premium, pthalate free, fragranced wax melts are one of a kind! We have followed our noses to interpret what we feel represents a scent inspired by a special book series.


Scent Family: Airy, Unisex, Musty Attic, leather bound books, berries

Weight: 2 ounces


These blue gems are covered in a bronze glimmer dust. Be careful upon touching them as some dust may get on your fingers. It is skin safe and easily washable. It will be a little bit in the bag as well. There was no way to package it without a little fallout. 


Soy, Product of USA, Long lasting




*We are not endorsed or affiliated in any way with any production, studio, book or author. This product is our own interpretation.