"Java The Hutt" Artisan Soap {Vegan}

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Handcrafted and full of organic goodness "Java The Hut" indulges your senses with light hints of fresh coffee. It also has the ever so popular activated charcoal to help detoxify! The designs in this Artisanal bar are exquisite and unique! This is a great unisex bar for the coffee lover in your life!

Not overpowering but just enough to say "Mmmm! Coffee!" sprinkled with a favorite local coffee, Community, on top for a nice, sophisticated touch.

*We do suggest that you keep these out of the line of the shower and in a soap dish when not in use. These soaps do not contain chemical hardeners and essentially melt [get super soft] when left in a wet environment for a long period of time


Ingredients:Distilled water, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, cold pressed castor oil, sodium hydroxide, coffee, activated charcoal, titanium dioxide.