Highly Scented Wax Tarts

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We were asked time and time again to carry wax tarts and we heard your pleas! Introducing our highly scented wax tarts! These soy based wax tarts contain the highest amount of fragrance the wax will hold to offer you maximum fragrance throw!

All of our fragrances are PTHALATE FREE!



-We are a proud American Artisanal company. 

-That means that an Artisan handled your items start to finish with their own two hands! No machines, no unfair labor. Just love.

-While our prices might not be on par with other major corporations we do not gouge our prices either. You are getting premium wax and fragrance with your purchase of our product. That matters to you and your body. No phthalates, palm or paraffin!

What we do know is that if you do purchase with us we take what you say seriously and listen with open minds to you, your feedback, product suggestions and really anything you have to say!

This company started from a dream! We still get giddy and do a happy dance with every order! We really do. Can big superstores say the same?



This line is inspired by one of our absolute favorite things: Alice


  • "Oh Alice"-light blue-Soft, feminine, floral, fruity, green. 

 With this scent we imagine Alice in a field of wildflowers surrounded by tall grass on a warm, breezy summer day!


  • "Forever Red"-berry purple-A robust fusion of berry, pomegranate, vanilla rum. These contain red glitter and specks of the glitter can be seen throughout. It does not affect the performance of the wax.

 The wax melts aren't red?! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Nothing is as it seems in Wonderland, after all! Did you know Alice hates blueberries? The Red Queen LOVES them! Thus this berry concoction of a fragrance was born!


  • "Blue Caterpillar"-light brown-If you are a fan of patchouli and wonderland woods this scent is for you. It also has hints of lavender, rosemary and cashmere. 

Oh Absolum! You slothy, wise thing, you! We envision him to be sprawled out on a thick blade of grass deep in the woods smoking his hookah and burning incense.


  • "Grin Like A Cheshire Cat"-pastel turquoise-A moonlit stroll down a path in the floral wonderland forest. Musky, powdery, soft. This also contains glitter [turquoise] and it does not affect the performance of the wax whatsoever.

 Oh, Chess! You dog! Can't you just see him evaporating while walking down a moonlit path in the woods?! His tail brushing against the flowers and ruffling up their scent?! No?! We can! MEYOWW!





* We are not endorsed by or affiliated with any company we are just avid fans and these are our own interpretations via scent.


*Artwork was purchased from White Fox Graphics and upon buying the art we have permission to use it commercially.

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    Posted by Christy Shoaf on May 20th 2016

    I ordered the Forever Red and the Cheshire Cat! Everyone that comes into my home comments on how my home smells and I end up telling them about C'est Beau!!