Brush Cleaning Companion

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We now offer brush cleaning companions to make cleaning your brushes a breeze and much more fun! Simply dampen your brush, dabble on some makeup brush cleaner and swirl your heart out until the bubbles are no longer are tinged with makeup! Rinse those brushes well and on to the next! This cuts your cleaning time down significantly!

The color of our Brush Companion is as depicted,  professional black! 


This product is quick, compact, effective and cute! The small dots on top are perfect for your smaller, eye and detail brushes and the grooves help loosen up old makeup from your larger brushes! Clean your brushes with your hands and then clean them again using this product and you may just be surprised at what you missed!


*Please notice the size of the Brush Companion in our pictures so you are aware it's size. You can fit about two fingers in the opening to hold whilst cleaning.

This listing is for ONE Brush Companion, the two depicted are for viewing the front and back and not to imply you get two.