Why you SHOULDN'T use Laundry bars on your beauty tools

Feb 16th 2016

We know you have probably heard of using a bright pink [or sometimes even white] bar of "soap", found on the laundry cleaning aisle at your store, to use on your precious makeup tools! We are going to give you a little information and you can make your own mind up as to if you should or should not use said products:

Most Laundry bars contain "Optical Brighteners".These basically trick your mind into thinking that your clothes are indeed more clean and brighter due to how they reflect the light. If you were to stand under a black light after washing your clothes with one they would glow! That is because these chemical enhancements utilize the UV light and transform it to enhance the blue light. In doing they so reduce the natural yellowing of your white clothes over time!

In order for the above, the optical brighteners must remain a bit on your washed clothes to keep them bright. That means contact with your largest organ [your skin] for as long as you are wearing clothes or using products washed by laundry bars. Think about it: Every time you use your makeup brush or sponge you are putting scant  amounts of optical brighteners on your body! Not to mention some contain citronella oil which is NOT advised to use near your eyes! These bars can cause skin problems, too by altering the acid mantle of the skin!

I digress. What really concerns me about using laundry bars [especially those with brighteners] is how the Earth is affected. These brighteners do not break down. Not biodegradable. What this means is that when they enter the water they pose a threat to aquatic life! I have even read studies that state optical brighteners can cause mutations in bacteria!! Keep in mind that this [optical brighteners] are just ONE of many chemicals found in laundry soaps that cause concern! 

You spend a great deal of money on your beauty tools. Maintaining them properly is important! Don't use anything that you wouldn't bath with! If you refuse to use a special brush cleaner at least use a gentle face wash. Seeing how many use laundry bars is disturbing. I get that it cleans, I mean it cleans laundry but would you use car wash cleaner on your hair? 

In closing reading and doing research into products and the effects on the environment is a huge reason this company was started. We try our best to do our part, our packaging is recyclable or upcyclable and we use ingredients that are fair trade, ethically sourced and organic. So if you are happy with the laundry bar after reading the above then please, carry on. I just can't let it go unsaid. I know some may not know some of what was stated. I encourage you to do your own research!