The Great Flood of 2016

The Great Flood of 2016

Posted by Elle on Sep 30th 2016

Hello, there! Thank you for stopping by our online store and carousing around for a bit. Let us tell you a little story about a very recent event from which we, along with our whole parish, is still recovering from.

On August 13, 2016 Louisiana [Livingston Parish is where we are located] was hit with a whopping 20 inches of rain in mere hours. Unprecedented. Think of it this way: Seattle, Washington, one of the rainiest places in the states, gets approximately 37 inches of water a YEAR! 

The Amite River swelled and fast! So fast that many, including us, did not have time to pick up belongings before water was in our homes and businesses! Road closures left and right and luckily the "Cajun Navy" was born out of this catastrophe. No short supply of good country folk down here! They helped rescue so many and save lives! No doubt in my mind there would have been so many more fatalities if it weren't for the selfless individuals [many traveling great distances and in inclimate weather] who boated people to shelters. When those shelters flooded [we are talking absurdly quick flooding that has never been seen here or around before] they did it all again! They are still to this date helping our community to rebuild. Elderly who can't gut their homes they are offering their help. It is just something that you can't imagine. People like that help keep our community going. 

We here at C'est Beau are picking up the pieces and while our supply and variation may be scarce we will get back on our feet soon. We sincerely hope you shop with us where the money will go back into our community where we so desperately need it to right now. We are a family owned and operated business. Let us pamper you and yours while you know you are helping ours. 

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